Snapchat, How Businesses Use It

Snapchat isn’t a new form of social media, but it is becoming more and more popular for businesses. Snapchat is an app where people can send pictures or videos to one another, view other people’s pictures or videos on what is called a “Snap Story” and where you can now view articles of today’s top news. There are many advantages for businesses when they use snapchat. They can take their followers behind the scenes of their business, giving followers an in depth look of what goes on in a business. Business can stream live events, for example, the NBA uses Snapchat to stream the draft, All Star Game and even the Finals. Some disadvantages that a business might run into is not controlling who can follow you. You might also have to wait a while until you get the followers you need.

Snapchat best reaches the younger audience. Usually the message that a business sends is something fun and connecting to the followers. The segments that would be reached using Snapchat are the type of people that are always on their phone, male or female, the younger crowd, and people are interested in what ever your business is. Ways that you could reach this segment of people is hosting events that are public but are also posted on snapchat so that someone that’s not there could feel like they are there.

I was surprised to find that so many business use snapchat, I didn’t think it would be helpful to so many business but it really is. The biggest misconception is that people think it’s only used for sending pictures to your friends and keep up on some new but it’s also used a lot for business.



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