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So far through out my journey in college, I have learned so much valuable information. Information that will help me accomplish what I want to in the future. Marketing is something that fascinates me because it helps you connect with the people that are interested in your product. I always thought it would be fun to do the research and design marketing strategies, I think the marketing program will help me tremendously with that.

Coca Cola is one of the best companies out there. They reach out to their customers and make them feel like one of a kind. That has always been interesting to me. They said they like to create Coca Cola stories, not stories by Coca Cola. This means they like to have their product have an effect on people, a large enough effect where they can tell a story. I feel like when they put people’s names on cans and bottles, they made a break through that reached out to their customers that no one has ever done before. It can bring people together and make stories for people.

In the future I plan to market for any outdoor company or golf company. Those are the two most important hobbies in my life and I feel like getting a job in those fields will suit me more than anything.

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