Marketing Research for Howie’s on La Crosse

Marketing research is the action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences. Businesses absolutely need marketing research so that they know who to target and who will buy their product or service. Marketing is probably the most important part of starting and operating a business.

Through out this my time in my marketing research class, I learned a lot on how to do research for businesses and what certain businesses might need. Me and two of my classmates chose Howie’s on La Crosse for our business we would do research for. Howie’s is a sports bar and grill that is a thriving business in the La Crosse area. They are known for their great burgers, 20+ t.v’s, and multiple different flavors of tap beer.

To help Howie’s out, they wanted to find out how people felt about their catering services. They want to make a higher profit off of their catering services and wanted to know why they don’t get a lot of catering business. We came up with a questionnaire for roughly 100 people from the La Crosse area that would help us get a better understanding on how people feel/would feel about Howie’s catering.

After taking all of the surveys and analyzing all of the data, we found out that 91% of the people surveyed had no idea that Howie’s catered. We found this to be a huge problem for Howie’s and suggested to them that they address that problem immediately if they want more catering sales. For them, buying keywords and posting more about catering on their social media pages will help them get more people to realize that Howie’s caters.

Below is a link to the final report that me and my two group members did.

Howie’s On La Crosse final report

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