Retail Stores and How They Should be Laid Out

I did some research and found an article on how a retail store should be laid out. The article was from and was titled “How To Create Retail Store Interiors That Get People To Purchase Your Products”. The link can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

It gave descriptions about what customers should see when they walk in, the fact that 90% of customers turn to their right after a few steps, and giving shoppers a “path” to walk when shopping at your store.

First, when people walk in, usually the first five to fifteen feet, they should get a good feel for your store and what they have to offer. They judge whether your store is cheap or expensive based on your decorations, light fixtures, displays, and colors.

Second, after customers make their transition into your store, 90% of the time they look to the right and have the potential to go that way. When they turn to the right they should feel highly impacted by what is called the “power wall”. This has a lot of products that gives an emphasise on the rest of your business.

Third, you want to give your customers a “path” to walk. This can consist of a certain layout with furniture, racks, and displays. Customers will naturally turn right so your next job is to make sure that as they do, they also continue walking throughout your store to gain exposure to your products. This not increases the chances of them making a purchase. A well-thought-out path can be a great way to strategically control the flow of foot traffic in your store.

Finally, where you place your check out counter is crucial. Typically this should be set at a stopping point for your customers. It should correlate with your path design that you created.

To summarize, having a good retail store layout can be crucial to making sales. From creating a path for your customers to walk through. To having a great display to catch your customer’s attention. Below is the link to the article I summarized.


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