Importance of Retail Policies

Policies in any retail business can sometimes be too vague, or too complicated. Although sometimes not everyone agrees with policies, they are more often than not, for the simple saying of “better safe than sorry”. In my Retail Sales Management class, we had three debates, one talking about swearing in the work place, tattoos in the work place, and personal pictures or items owned regarding the Confederate Flag.

We were given random sides for each debate and my side for swearing in the work place was the side “for” policies at work prohibiting swearing. After doing research I would agree with the side given to me. Policies in the work place that restrict swearing keeps everyone safe. Meaning if someone does swear without a policy in place another co-worker may get offended, thus, putting the worker that swore in a potential negative predicament.

Out of the next two debate topics we were only given one of them to debate about. I was given the side of a policy should be in place for people in pictures or owning items regarding the Confederate Flag. The research was pretty vague, I personally had a hard time finding good research backing up that position. Although after doing research and finding out more information, I would have to agree with a business implementing a policy against people with Confederate Flags. Like I said before, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I hope that more and more businesses implement policies that they see fit. No one ever wants to get in trouble and I think policies can really stop people from getting in trouble. Unless of course they break a certain policy.

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