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What is a Social Media Audit? Sounds kind of like something that has to do with social media and your taxes. While you were dreading the fact about doing some taxes, there is no need to worry because no taxes will be done on a social media audit. A social media audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and take notes on a business’s social media page(s). These audits really have the ability to help ecommerce websites stay on top of their online presence. Businesses perform social media audits by running simple analytics on their computer. You can see a lot of helpful stats such as, how many people clicked on a post, how many people visit your page, and how many shares and/or likes one of your posts get. There are a few things you can do to make sure you get better results the next time you do a social media audit. Below I have a brief example of what a social media audit might look like.

Social Media Audit